The Placemade Diaries: Observing the San Roque Elementary School Park

One of Placemade‘s pilot projects is to work on the¬†Elementary School Park and waiting area. This was suggested by the Marikina City Government and supported by Barangay San Roque.

This urban diary will contain my observation notes, photos, and videos of the area, when I visited last Aug. 16, 2018.

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About Placemade

I’m really glad to share that after my YSEALI Professional Fellowship, I was able to launch my impact challenge called Placemade, which aims to recreate urban public spaces to be better and greener through citizen-led initiatives.

Since it started in July 2018, I’ve been working on partnerships with the local governments of Marikina City (my hometown) and securing a grant from the US Embassy Manila to jumpstart the project (and Placemade, thankfully, was awarded in the Small Grants Competition-Luzon).

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