The EnP Board Review Series: Part 7 – Laws governing Environmental Planning

This is a list of laws governing the practice of environmental planning. This list links the law titles to online sources for easy reference.

Any profession is governed by specific laws, and it’s no different in environmental planning. I’ll try to keep this as concise and organized as possible, since you’re going to be reading through a whole lot of legal terms and frameworks.

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The EnP Board Review Series: Part 6A – Urban and Regional Planning History and Principles

This is the sixth part of the EnP board review series. I’m going to provide a timeline and discussion on urban and regional planning history.

This lengthy part 6A post is going to cover the subject on history and principles. As much as this is the most enjoyable part of the review (it is for me, anyway), only a mere portion of this may crop up in the exam.


  • Cluster the contributions according to their similarities, don’t memorise one by one. It’s what I already did for this post, so you don’t go back and forth on sudden, familiar terms.
  • Repeatedly read through the timeline to appreciate the development of urban planning.
  • Names are important, dates are for reference. Works are for deeper appreciation. Principles matter the most.
  • I’m linking the names of the urbanists to the most concise biographies I can find online. Refer to those for backgrounders, and to this post for their roles in urban and regional planning history.

Let’s start with the Ancients.

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EnP Board Review Series: Presentation on Planning & Information Management

I had the pleasure of helping out during the 2016 UP Plano Board Exam Coaching Sessions, and was tasked to give a review on planning and information management. This is a compilation of selected topics on planning data, beginning with hierarchies and structures, and continuing well into frameworks, statistical analysis on socio-economic information (population projection and demography, location quotients, etc.) familiarisation with research terms, and an overview of GIS history. I picked out said topics because the exam questions on data and information revolve around these.

Items needed: Calculator, pen and scratch paper

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The EnP Board Review Series: Part 5 – Your planning bibles

This is the fifth part of my EnP board review series, where we start off with the basic reading materials you’re supposed to know as a planner.

And there are three of them:

  1. Rationalized Planning System in the Philippines by Ernesto Serote
  2. Republic Act 7160: The Local Government Code
  3. HLURB CLUP Guidebooks and Supplemental Guidelines (since this is a series of books, it’s technically 3++ bibles)

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The EnP Board Review Series – Part 4: Exam expectations

This is the fourth part of my board review series. Since the EnP boards are very hyped, I’m sharing things as clearly as possible in this post.

There’s quite a lot of talk on the EnP board exam. Many say that it’s the most difficult exam, because planning is an art itself and is not absolute. Even some lawyers who have taken the exam have said that it was even more difficult than their bar exam. Passers and SURP alumni repeatedly say that you can never really prepare enough for it.

I’m going to go with the third one (because I’m not a lawyer and I haven’t taken any other board exam): you can never really prepare enough for it. 

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The EnP Board Review Series – Part 3: Your application

This is the third part of my EnP board review series. This is where I’m going to help you get through your application.

Now that you’ve visualised the exam days and you know what’s coming, let’s have a walk through of your board application process and the documents needed.

Eligibility check

Before going through your application process, you have to know whether you’re eligible or not to take the exam. RA 10587, Section 18 discusses this, but for  convenience, I’m putting the content right here:  Continue reading

The EnP Board Review Series – Part 2: Exam overview

This is the second part of my board review blog series. Here, I’m giving an overview of the board exam.


Now that we’ve set your mindset and listed down your preparatory activities, you’ll want to know more about the exam.


The Environmental Planning Licensure Exam is held by the Professional Regulation Commission in June. Check out the PRC announcements for the exact dates. The boards are held once a year, and are held on weekdays. The exam lasts two whole days. It is usually held in Manila, Cebu, Legazpi, and Davao. I took mine in Manila, and our venue was the Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU).  Continue reading