Bracing informal communities for COVID-19

With COVID-19 threatening the world, many countries are challenged with how to deal with informal spaces, congested areas, and communities with low or no capacity to deal with the pandemic.

I recently worked with INKLINE to publish a guide on how we can better brace our communities to have a fighting chance. This guide looks into more tactical and affordable actions on protecting families in crowded areas. Read the article here.

If you know friends who work with informal communities, kindly share the guidelines with them. Keep safe, everyone!

Buklod Tao: Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction Practices

27 September—My Geography 255 class, which is all about environmental hazards and disasters, visited Buklod Tao. The visit was a wonderful learning experience, and it gave me a very good perspective of community planning and a grassroots approach to disaster risk reduction and management.

Buklod Tao welcome banner
Buklod Tao welcome banner

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