The EnP Board Review Series: Part 6B – History, Theories, and Concepts

This was the lecture for the 2018 UP Plano Board Review Session on Environmental Planning history, theories, and concepts, in three parts. What’s new or different in this lecture as compared to Part 6A is that I presented topics thematically, not chronologically (which is also how The City Reader is presented). This looks more into the urban setting, not regional, and it covers topics all the way to global cities and globalised urbanization, which I feel are relevant to us all, but which are not covered enough or talked about enough in the country (for example, we learn about CBDs in school, but the world has moved to pseudo-CBDs and spaces of flows through technology).  

Part I


Part II


Part III


Credits are all listed on Part I, slide 2.

Here are the rest of the review series:


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