EnP Board Review Series: Presentation on Planning & Information Management

I had the pleasure of helping out during the 2016 UP Plano Board Exam Coaching Sessions, and was tasked to give a review on planning and information management. This is a compilation of selected topics on planning data, beginning with hierarchies and structures, and continuing well into frameworks, statistical analysis on socio-economic information (population projection and demography, location quotients, etc.) familiarisation with research terms, and an overview of GIS history. I picked out said topics because the exam questions on data and information revolve around these.

Items needed: Calculator, pen and scratch paper

And here are some of the games we played during my lecture. I used the games as a chance to review the earlier sessions on the origin of the city, and theories on urban and regional planning. This may be helpful for your review, too, especially with your study buddies. (Try to see who gets the most points!)

The presentations are downloadable and set to public in Slideshare, so feel free to use them.

I asked participants to solve population projection and location quotient problems for practice. Photo courtesy of Lala Magayanes.

Thanks to everyone who gave very positive and wonderful feedback. 🙂 If you need help reviewing other information (such as IRA, land areas, and other baseline in different sectors), just leave me a comment and I will be glad to help.

Here are the other parts of my blog board review series:

16 thoughts on “EnP Board Review Series: Presentation on Planning & Information Management

  1. Hi Maam Jean,

    Im very glad to find your blogsite. I found a treasure, this is a big help esp for everyone planning to take the EnP exam. Thank you so much for your website. Btw, I was not able to take the EnP exam few days ago due to illnesses I hope next year everything will be ok and I can take the exam. I am looking for review materials if you have one or you can recommend? Please advise. Thanks in advance.


      1. halu mam jean. im jay from cebu.im taking d EnP 2017 JUNE examinations. I need addtional review materials from UP Plano.How can I possibly buy the materials for my addtional readings and outputs…god bless


  2. Thanks for a very informative site. We are planning to take the ENP splbe on september. If you have any additional tips in taking the exam i am all ears.


  3. hello mam jean…a friend reviewed from your blog and actually passed. i am planning to take the exams in 2017. please update me of any schedule of review of UP Plano. My undergraduate DEGREE is unrelated (BS Commerce) but i have a Masters in Public Administration and I have worked at the Provincial Planning and Development Office for 13 years. I am now at the DENR and have always dreamt of being a licensed EnP. Your blog is much appreciated. Thank you so much!


  4. thank you maam for the valuable information. am planning to take the exam next year, hope you cn recommend good review materials.


  5. Maam I am a civil engineering graduate and board passer. I took the EnP exam without reviewing and I failed but I want to take the exam again. Can you please help me acquire a reviewer on line. Thank you and God bless.


  6. Good day…Am a forester and working as planning officer in our LGU and planning to take EnP exam comes 2018. Can I ask favor for an on line reviewer. Thank you in advance and God Bless…


      1. I see. Thank you po. If in case it still doesn’t play, would it be alright to ask po it be sent to my email address? Pasensha na po. By the way, It was Ica Fernandez who recommended I go to your blog 🙂


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